Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fun with the Guys

On Saturday I had my first overnight with Levi and Uri. This adventure was in preparation for the new baby. I might be taking them for a few days when the new little one is born. Here are a few pictures I took on Sunday morning before church.

This one is my favorite!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Underwater Adventures

On Friday night I took Kelsey, Levi, and Uri to Underwater Adventures in the Mall of America. Kelsey was a big help. If she wouldn't have come along the boys would have spent the evening in the double stroller. As soon as I would let one out he would take off to the next exciting "fisshh" to see. Here are a few pictures from our adventures.

It is really hard to get Uri to look at the camera.

I snuck this one in that is why it actually turned out.

Levi is not camera shy at all!!!

Aren't they adorbale??

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Precious Bundles

Here are some new pictures of Sierra and Sean. We had a blast hanging out at my house last night.

Sierra: "Just one more push-up! I know I can do it!!"

Sean: "I am bored with this place."

Sean: "Well, okay if you must take my picture!"

Sean and Sierra: "Aren't you finished yet!!!"

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Party in St. Louis Park

Last night Lydia had a bunch of girls over to the house. We had a blast!!! Here are a few pictures from our party!!

Driver's License on the Internet

This is upsetting, thought I should pass it along. Check your drivers license... Now you can see anyone's Driver's License on the Internet, including your own! I just searched for mine and there it was...picture and all! Thanks Homeland Security! Privacy, where is our right to it? I definitely removed mine, I suggest you all do the same.....Go to the website and check it out. Just enter your name, city and state to see if yours is on file. After your license comes on the screen, click the box marked "Please Remove". This will remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement.

PS: The internet is good, but it sometime reveals to much private information. My license was on there. You can delete it though.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Clarifications on the “End of the Spear” Article | Jason Janz

This will be my last posting on this subject. Yesterday I posted a link to an article by Randy Alcorn. Jason Janz posted a response on sharper iron yesterday. I think it's only fair to include his article of apology as well. Please take the time to read this article as well.

End of the Spear

There has been much controversy over this movie and many postings have been made. I too previously had a posting written by Jason Janz. Please forgive me for not checking Jason's resources before I posted this information on my blog. I have come across an article written by Randy Alcron.

Here is the link to the article:

Here is a link where Mart Green and Steve Saint Offer Answers:

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you have heard talk about this subject. Let's put an end to these falsehoods quickly spreading on the internet and let truth reign.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cheerios Contest

I have a very good friend who for grins and giggles entered a Cheerios contest. You might know the current commerical with the people siging Karoke style to the Cherrios song. Well this is what she did along with three other friends. Please visit this link and vote for Group # 2.

Thank you for helping out a fellow sister in Christ.