Thursday, September 28, 2006

Visit to Rockford

Lydia and I went to visit Karyn in Rockford last weekend. We had a great time. It is the first time that Lydia has come with me and it made it a very special visit. On Saturday we went to an apple orchard. It was fun even in the rain.

Mel and Karyn

Lydia wanted to go on a wagon ride around the orchard. I really think she just wanted see the horses.

Then we went out with all of my friends there to say goodbye. Crystal was heading to France the next morning and I was saying goodbye before I left for Korea. It was a great weekend and I am really glad I got to see them all before I left.

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Teen Bonfire

Last Wednesday I had the teens and some singles over to my house for a bonfire. It started off a little rocky but once it got dark they went a little crazy.

Mark wanted to see if he coudl jump over the fire without getting burned, he succeeded but his pants were a little warm!

Amber promised Mark she would let a zucchini grow rather large. She brought it to the bonfire. We decided to roast the large vegetable. Here it is in the fire. Mark also basted it with choclate syrup. It turned out rather tasty.

Mark and Kelsey decided to initiate two of the new 7th graders. She chopped the zucchini in half and then we had them it part of it. After that we played out zuchinni. if I ever get the cable to upload video to my computer I might have to post that video. It is hilarious. All in all we had a great time.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Kurt and Grace's Wedding

I created my first Slide Show! Check it out!

34 Days and Counting

In 34 days I will be leaving on a plane headed to South Korea. I can hardly believe this is happening. I am very excited for the opportunity, a little scared, and beginning to miss everyone and I haven't even left yet.

Each time I see my sister I think, when I get back from Korea she may be a married women, and I might miss the wedding. When I hold Levi, Uri, or Christian I begin to cry because I will miss a year of their lives. While at church I soak up the Christian love and worship we have as a family, because I will not have that for a year.

I know this is what the Lord has for me and I am excited to see how He is going to grow and shape me. During our Sunday night service we put into practice New Testament Prophecy. I was encouraged to make sure I stay close to the Lord and to not forget the reason I am going to Korea. Please pray for me as I am in Korea that I will stay in the Word and I will not lose sight of my goal. If you could also pray the Lord will provide for my finances for the first month I am there. I will not be receiving a paycheck from my job in the States or my job in Korea. I have began to save and so has my sister, but please pray the Lord will provide all that is needed.

I will continue you to update everyone on all the goings on especially once I arrive. For those of you who might not have my email address and would like to keep in contact it is as follows: I will welcome any correspondence from the States or abroad as I am away from my family and friends this coming year.