Wednesday, August 15, 2007

200th Post and Big Annoucement

This is my 200th post so I thought I would use this special occasion to make a big announcement. I will be staying in South Korea for one more year. I know I will be coming home to visit for two weeks sometime early in 2008. I haven't decided when yet. I need to work things out with my sister still. I will keep you posted and hopefully I will be able to see you when I am stateside!

Last Tradition Night with Kelly

Tradition night began when I first arrived in Korea. Kelly helped me with many things when I first arrived and so to thank her I invited her over for dinner. She made the comment that she could get use to my cooking. So we made it a tradition. Every Tuesday night she would come over and I would cook dinner. After dinner we would watch half a movie. It was always a great time and I really counted on those nights when I first arrived here.

One June 12th I celebrated my last tradition night with Kelly. Megan made Thai food and we watched a movie using the projector. It was a sad night but the tradition still lives on with Megan and I.

My Kids Class

On the last day of Class in June I had a party for my kids class. They are crazy for watermelon. I had two students eat 8 pieces each!

We always have a very good time in class.

Chloe's Haircut

My friend Chloe wanted to get her hair cut. Here are her before and after pictures.

I really like her new do!

Joseph's Wedding

One of my students got married and invited me to his wedding. He actually went to America to get his doctorate in July.

His wife looked gorgeous!

First Motorcycle Repairs

I made repairs to my motorcycle for the first time. All the repairs went really well and it is working in tip top shape now.

I replaced the tachometer

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Out with the Girls

One Friday night I went out with Kelly, Megan, Sherry and Sarah. Things got a little crazy that night!

Kelly with an umbrella in her hair!

She really doesn't kiss me, it was only for the picture!!

Sherry and Sarah

Megan can get a little crazy sometimes.

Kelly was dared to put an anchovies in her nose. She can't resist a dare.

We ran out of coke and Megan was thirsty so she decided to drink the peach juice.

Daea Botanical Gardens

There are many one day holidays in Korea. Each holiday I try to use it to the fullest extent. On this holiday I went to Daea Botanical Gardens with people from church. We had a great time like always. On our way there we stopped at Daea Dam.

It was a spectacular view.

I was very lucky. I was walking through the field and I felt something tug on my shoe. I looked down and there was this huge spike sticking out of the ground. I was walking in a field so I was walking very carefully that is why I didn't have a more serious injury.

Sunny and Pastor Bill

Sunny, Pastor Bill, Aaron, Eirene, Aleia, Richard and Alan

Lee, Brian, and some other people

Alan, Eirene, and I took a hike up the mountain. Here are some of the pictures I took on the hike.

This was in one of the museums. It is all one piece.

Kelly's Birthday Weekend

Kelly's birthday was in May. One time when we were talking she told me that birthdays we re just another day in her family. It was nothing special to her. I decided to throw her a big party. We also spent the entire next day celebrating. Here are a few pictures from her party.

Eun-young and Kelly

Michael and Kelly

I made Kelly a really special birthday cake. She loves Reese's Cups and they don't have them in Korea. I had either my mom or my sister send me a bag. I made her a Reese's Cup cake with chocolate frosting. On the frosting I broke Reese's Cups into pieces. She loved it!

The next day we went to a Volleyball game. The Canadian National Team was playing the Korean National team. We decided we would be very Korean and have triple T's. IN Korea couple walk around in matching clothes. It is a little crazy. They even have couple underwear! We got matching shirts and then put Canadian flags on them so we would match each other. It was so cool we even made it onto TV here in Korea. One of our friends who was watching the game on TV called and told us we were famous! Check out the outfits!

The Korean team had some very interesting warm-up exercises.

You can't really see our shirts here but we are matching. It was a great time. The weekend was a success. She said it was a wonderful birthday and she would remember it forever.

Magic Show

I went tot the silliest magic show with my friends Claire and Brian. We ditched the magic show and went to a really nice restaurant!

Costco Trip

I went on a Costco trip with Pastor Bill's family and Claire, another friend from church. We went the back way through the mountains. We stopped along the way to play in the river for a little while.

These guys are looking for small fish or something else to eat. No one was really sure.

Pastor Bill, Eirene, and Alan

The kids feel asleep on the way home. We really wore them out. They did get a chance to enjoy a polish sausage at Costco before they took their naps!

Wi Island

I took a trip with a bunch of people from my church to an island. We packed into a 15 passenger van and another car and headed out. Once we reached our destination we had to run to catch the ferry. I really had to use the bathroom and below was my only choice.

The Ferry ride over was uneventful. It was beautiful weather. The sun was shining and the wide was blowing through our hair!

Me, Kavita, and Chloe on the ferry

James, Tonya, Victoria, Eirene, and Pastor Bill

A picture of the island

It started to rain about 1pm. We still had some much fun. We played catch and Frisbee on the beach in a gentle drizzle.

We were waiting in the rain for the one bus on the island to come and pick us up. We had to wait for 30 minutes but it was once again a good time.