Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Walking Tour of Jeonju

On Sunday Kelly, the American I had been emailing while still in the States, took me on a walking tour of the city. We walked for almost 5 hours. I had a really great time and am thankful that she took the time to show me around some. Below are a few pictures of things I saw along the way.

This is a picture of a clock in a bridge. if you look at the picture below the people are under this bridge. I learned that during the summer months many people come down to the bridges and live there because it is so much cooler than their houses. Total strangers play games and hang out all day long together. I can't wait to saee this during the summer.

This is a picture with the mountain in the distance. The very small river here overflows into the street during the rainy season. The street is probably 30 to 40 feet higher than the river is now. I can't wait to see this but I am sure I will be tired of the rain!

This couple just got married. After the ceremony in a marriage house, not a church, the sit in the back of a vehicle and drive around the city. I am unsure why this groom is running behind the car. He was tied to the car by his wrists. Kelly didn't know he was doing it either.

This is a picture of "Gaeksa." This was a very important place of worship. Now people meet here to go other places in downtown.

This is a picture of a functional Budhist Temple.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I have safely mde it to Korea, cleaned my very dirty room and have unpacked. It is a verry nice room and I am thankful to be in this dorm. Some of the other teachers are in a different dorm and there is only one room. Mine is split into two different rooms. Here are some pictures of my new home for the next year.

My Dorm

Everyone has bicycles or motorcycles

This is the laundry room everyone shares.

My front door!

No Keys here! I have a personal code to get into my room.

The Bathroom Story
The following are pictures of my bathroom. The first night I took a bath because as you can see there is a shower head but it isn't attached to anything like they are in the States. When I stepped out of the tub I noticed water on the floor. I started looking a little more and realized the entire floor had about an inch of water on it and it was rising. It was 4am here in Korea, I had been up for over 30 hours at this point, so I started freaking out. I then realized there was a drain in the floor and all of the water was headed towards it. Come to find out most Korean showers are open and are in the corner of a bathroom so the floor is suppose to flood. Who would have every thought that.

The Entryway

My kitchen

The dining room

Computer area/bedroom

My bed that is more like a boxspring

My few decorations.

Some more decorations.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Skype: Talk to Long Distance Loved Ones for Free

I am not sure who told me about this program but it is awesome. If you download this program you can use your computer to talk with anyone in the US for free, and I mean you can call there house or cell phone. If you and a friend have the program you can talk for free as well. So if you have high speed internet and friends around the globe try this out. You can even use a web cam and see each other.

Lydia and I tried it out last night. It is awesome. I am so excited that I will eb able to talk with and see her whiel I am gone. My skype name is Georgia Lynne. Give it a try and call me sometime.

Click here to download Skype. Happy chatting!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blessings Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Sunday night I was praying specifically that the Lord would provide a large suitcase for me. I had specific requirements as well. it has to be at least 28" upright with wheels and expandable. I also didn't want to spend over $50. I didn't care about the outside condition as long as it would make it to Korea and back. I had been searching thrift stores for 2 weeks and had come up empty. Yesterday I looked at a sight called Craig's List. I have used this site before and I have been searching for two weeks. Well, I am pleased to say the Lord answered my prayer and provided a nicer bag than I could have hoped for. Here are a few pictures I found online of my new suitcase. And He provided it for only $40! The bag is in excellent condition and has proven itself as a world traveler already. the lady I purchased it from has traveled all around the world for her job. This bag is a huge blessing and I am very thankful that the Lord provides all of our needs in His timing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Korea Contact Information

Here is my contact information for while I am gone. I will appreciate any contact whether email, snail mail, or packages. Just as a heads up anything sent in an envelope does not need special papers for customs. If it is sent in a box it does. I will be embarking on my journey in 10 days.

Georgia Bryant
Language Education Center
Chonbuk National University
Dukjin-dong, Jeonju-si
Chollabuk-do 561-756
South Korea

email: punkin2238@gmail.com

Friday, October 13, 2006

Braedon James Larsen

Braedon James was born at 9:12 p.m. on October 11th. He weighs 7 pounds, 2 ounces, and is 19 inches long. He's perfectly healthy, and Katie is doing just fine too. Josh and Katie have some photos up on a website. Feel free to take a look. They'll be putting more up as time goes on.

Braedon James Larsen Page

If you're wondering where they got his name, Josh and Katie liked the name Braedon and James is Bob Meredith's (their former pastor in Minnesota) middle name.

Punkin Cake

I was looking at blogs of friends from Northland when I came across a cake decorating idea on Pam and Geoff Smith's blog. Here are a few pictures of my "punkin" cake. That was my grandpa's nickname for me when I was a baby.

My roommate helped with the frosting.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Friends from Colorado

Rachel, Autumn, and Jamie


Jason and Autumn Gardner

Thomas, Rachel me, Haukin, and Zane

Thomas and Rachel

The Berkeiser Family


Jason Larsen

Katie, Jason and baby boy Larsen

The Larsen Family (including the new little brother)

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God's Creation in Colorado

I am in Colorado right now. Here are a few pictures of I have taken so far.

Below are pictures of Red Rocks Amphitheater.

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