Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lunch with my Students

Some of the older ladies in my class wanted to go out to lunch with me. Their English level in class wasn't very high and I am still very shy so I invited another student with me. It turns out they were just shy in class. They talked up a storm! We had something called Samgepsa. It is pork that you grill to your liking right at the table! I love eating this meal. I actually at it for dinner tonight with some other friends.

There are always tons of side dishes to go along with every meal. There are no exceptions this rule. Even if you eat at a cheap restaurant where the entire meal costs $2.50 you still get a ton of side dishes. It is great!

We also had another dish called muel (water) nang muen (noodles). It is noodles in a cool water with crushed ice.

This was my first time to try this dish. I actually really like it on a hot day. I probably eat it once a week now!

i've got a blackbelt in CRAZY

I got this shirt from my sister awhile back. I thought I would take a few crazy pictures to show off my blackbelt!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vacation in Busan Back in April

I left the blogging world for a few months because I have been very busy. A few vacations ago I went to Busan with Kelly and Megan. I had an amazing time. The East Sea was beautiful. Here are a few highlights of the trip.

It started with Kelly playing tricks on me! She put a sausage that had been rolling around on the floor of the bus in my shoe.

This is a sign advertising plastic surgery. Very interesting don't you think?

Texas Street and Shopping! Texas Street was
suppose to be the place for foreigners according
to Lonely Planet, a semi-reliable guide book.
The only thing foreign about it was a closed down
restaurant named Texas Restaurant!

Megan, Meredith, and Kelly

Always the jokers!

We went to the sea shore as part of our wonderful tour of Busan. It was the best part of the tour. let me just take a moment to mention that the Busan tour is not worth paying $10 for. If you every come to South Korea and visit Busan do not go on the tour. Actually Busan is not much to visit so skip this city!!

I did a little rock climbing while I was at the sea. I was going to cross this but the ledge was a little small and I wasn't sure how sturdy the rocks were.

Craziness in the taxi ride. You can't see it in
picture but the taxi had neon blue lights.
It was great!

This is Hyundai Beach. This was the best part of the trip. I went there very early the morning we left. The entire beach was deserted and I just walked listening to the waves crash along the shore.

I had a great time in Busan with Kelly and Megan. I do want to go back there but only to swim at the beach. The water on the East Sea is beautiful. Everything on the west side of South Korea is all mud. The Koreans blame it on the Chinese but I am not so convinced!