Thursday, July 28, 2005

Plumbing Problems

I came home from work yesterday to the lovely picture above. I have been having plumbing problems since July 18th and this Tuesday it all came to a head literally. The upstairs toilet exploded and my kitchen flooded. I walked in on Tuesday to find Dennis and Mistin, the people I rent from, on my floor mopping up water. There was a three gallon bucket full and still more was pouring out.

I almost cried when I heard Dennis say he was going to have to rip out the kitchen cabinets to check for a drain. We had just finished remodeling the kitchen. My sister and I put in new cabinets, sink, floor, countertops, and had painted everything. Hopefully sometime soon it will return to normal and nothing will be ruined.

Praise the Lord for His sovereignty. I am dog sitting for my pastor's family for two weeks. There big house is empty and I have a place to stay. No one in my house can use water at all, so that means no showers, no bathrooms, and no washing dishes. God is so good in giving me a place to go while I wait out the disaster that has struck my home.

I will keep you updated on how everything turns out. There will definitely be pictures of the kitchen back to normal.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Yesterday I babysat Levi and Uri. We had a blast when we took a trip over to the park. I m even more excited because I officially have a name from Levi. If you don't listen carefully it sounds like he is calling me Dodoe. But it really is Georgia. We are working on the Ms. part. He will get it soon I am sure.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The City in the Spring

In April I took a wonderful walk with some friends down by Harriet Island on the Mississippi. Here are a few pictures of the skyline.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Fruits

I have a very tiny garden this summer in my backyard. This garden consists of 5 tomato plants and two green bean plants. I have named my green bean plants Jack because they are taking over the entire area. They have tried to entangle themselves with the tomatos. I have a six foot stake in the ground and it has already climbed up that. I also have about 5 feet of rope attached to the side of the house. Jack has already out grown that too. I was beginning to think that Jack was not going to bear any fruit but alas it has. Here are the first fruits from my monster green bean plants.

Minneapolis Aquatennial

The Twin Cities are always hopping during the summer. Each little town has their own days. For example the town I live in has Duk Duk Days. There are softball games, fireworks, and many other activities. Friday kicked off The Aquatennial. To kick off "the 10 best days of Summer" the have a block party. It is the "largest" free outdoor concert in the Twin Cities. The music itself wasn't all that great but the conversation was wonderful. Before we headed to the block party we stopped by a rose garden near Lake Harriet.
This is the second oldest public rose garden in the United States and was
designed by the second Park Superintendent Theodore Wirth. Construction of the
garden occurred during 1907-08. An official AARS (All America Rose Selections)
test rose garden was added in 1946. The Heffelfinger fountain graces the upper
patio at the rose garden.
Below you will find pictures of the Heffelfinger fountain and the Phelps fountain located in the Lyndale Park Rose Garden.

Phelps fountain

Heffelfinger fountain

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Butcher

Yesterday I made the trek out to Watertown, MN to pick up the quarter of a cow my sister and I ordered. Once I got past Wayzata it was a great drive. It reminded me a lot of my parent's place in Virginia. I am just a country girl at heart. Here are a few a pictures I took of the Crow River at the Rick Johnson Memorial Park.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I was busy working on my sister's house warming present last night. Most of you know my sister already moved into her new house so I am a little behind in getting it done. So here is a picture I took on my trip to Colorado in March. I just love the pink streak of light in the middle.