Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kayn tagged me and I am not too happy about it!

Rules"After posting these rules, each player then lists random facts/habits about herself/himself, then chooses several people to "tag". The player will then list the names of those he/she tags and leaves a comment on their blog.

I am currently living in South Kore and I will probably stay for two years!

My dad is an amazing chef.

My mom loves animals. She has had cats, dogs, "Red" the rooster, and now ducks from up the river!

I have my motorcycle licence. I also have a motorcycle here in South Korea and I haven't been hit or hit anyone yet! This is an accomplishment in this crazy country!

I don't have a boyfriend. In Korean that is 나는 남자 친구가 있지 않는다 (this is Babel fish's very formal translation) or pronounced "Namja Chingou Upsoyo"

I am tagging Lydia.