Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Weekend Getaway to the Country

This weekend I went down to Welcome, MN with Lydia, Amber and Andrea. We had a blast. We were down there to visit Curt, Sarah, and Megan Gwin. I have known GreenBean, as I affectionately call her, since my freshmen year of college. We had a blast down there in the country. It was so refreshing to not see traffic backed up, this weekend they closed 2 of the major highways in the cities. I also enjoyed my time with Curt, Sarah and Megan. She is adorable. Here are a few pictures. I will probably put more on especially of me on the tractor.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

More Pictures of the New Baby

I was finally able to get some new pictures of Christian when I was over there for Easter. Here you go.

Awesome Pictures

I have a friend who is in school working on photography. I had the privilege to be a model for her. She did an awesome job. Here are three of the pictures she has posted on her blog. I just can't believe how awesome they are.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Twins were Born

On Saturday, April 1st my co-worker had her twin girls. They are 7 weeks premature but doing wonderful. Reagan Amelia was born first weighing 3 lbs 9oz. She is currently weighing in at 3 lbs 13 oz. While Reagan was in the womb she had her bigger but little sister pinned in a headlock. I am sure she is going to give her parents a hard time.

Reagan the day after she was born.

Reagan 5 days after she was born.

Kieran Olivia was born second. She is the little bigger sister. She weighed 4lbs 5 oz when she was born. Kieran will probably be able to go home sooner than Reagan because she is eating really well and making tons of progress. It doesn't hurt that she is a pound larger than her older sister!

Kieran the day after she was born.
Kieran 5 days after she was born.
Mom and babies are doing well. I will be adding more pictures as they come to me. Continue to pray for their speedy release from the hospital.

Night On the Town

On April 1st we finally had a birthday celebration for myself, Amber and Andrea. It has been so busy with us here at church that we never had the chance to celebrate. We decided to head to a place in downtown Minneapolis called The Times Bar and Cafe. It was an enjoyable evening with a live Jazz band. Here are a few pictures of our fun time. I never did get a chnace for a group picture so you will have to settle for some individual ones.

Andrea in her new outfit for the occasion!

Amber and her new outfit too!

They had a very good cheesecake.

So good I had to take a picture.

Jodi and Andrea. Jodi foudn this dress at JC

Penny for $1.77. She is the queen of bargains!

My roommate Amy..looking cute as always.

Lewis and Ivan...not sure if they want to tackle the dance floor.

Lewis and Jodi trying out the dance floor.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Baby Number Three Has Arrived

Christian James Yoder was born today, Monday, April 3rd at 11:20am. He weighs in at 8lbs 6oz and was 20.5 inches long. He is doing really well and is quite as a button. But you can see for yourself, I am going to try and take better pictures tomorrow and will update if I get more.

Uri and Christian. What a good big brother!

The guys...Natanya is definetely out numbered!!

Levi and Christian...He is going to be a good helper.