Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Last Day of Classes in June

I always have a potluck party on the last day of each term. It makes for a fun day. With my 8am class I decided to invite them over for an American breakfast. I made French Toast for everyone. To a Korean though bread is not breakfast. Everyone did enjoy themselves and like the French Toast.

This term was special though because Kelly was leaving and it was her last day of teaching in Korea. Each class brought a cake and many "delicious" snacks. Koreans love to use the word delicious to describe food. Here are a few pictures of the many parties we had that day.

Only in Korea would students bring alcohol to class. In my 4pm class we had student bring traditional Korean wine, Macolee (a not so good beverage), and beer. I had to take pictures because I didn't think anyone would believe me from back home, except maybe Erica since she has taught here before!




I had a great day as always and it was a good send off for Kelly!

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