Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Trip to America

I have posted some pictures on Picasa of my trip home. Here is the link: Trip Home. There are also many pictures posted of the wedding on the website in the post below. I hope you enjoy. I had a great time while I was in America but I am so glad to be home in Korea.


Karyn said...

okay. I just realized you're already back in Korea. Probably shouldn't call me then. Maybe just email about August.

Janelle said...

What wonderful pictures Georgia! I think you look gorgeous in your bridesmaid dress! Looks like the wedding was just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

katie said...

I love the pictures! You look so beautiful all "gussied up"!! :-)I miss you so much already! So does Olivia. She's already rolled herself over a few times and is talking up a storm!! We love you!!